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5 main trends waiting for us in 2013

Jan 02, 2013 by | Post a Comment

The end of the year and the beginning of the new one is the high time to make some forecasts and predictions concerning the next twelve months. The software market is not an exception. Moreover as a rapidly developing field it requires special attention to the trends coming in and out fashion, since it to great extent defines what a consumer expects from software developments.


So what are the hottest trends in software development, which are waiting for us in 2013?




Mobile market


It doesn’t need special proof that during the last two years smartphones have absolutely conquered the market. According to the survey conducted by Harris Interactive in summer 2012 63% of women and 73% of men in the United States check their phone at least every hour. And as far as teenagers are concerned, according to the research of Pew Research Centre, people aged from 18 to 24 tend to send more than 100 messages per day, which makes about 3,200 messages per month.


With such active use of mobile phones consumers can’t but expect from software development to provide them with the possibility to use their smartphone wherever possible. This would involve:


  • More active use of QR-codes;
  • Adding social features to any program or web-site;
  • Development of augmented reality technologies;
  • Maximizing the amount information one can get from any product.


There are already trending shops, which place near every product QR-code, that leads to the page on their web-site consisting additional information about the goods. The possibility to share any post or product in social network has become a matter of good tone. All these trends are awaited to gain more speed in 2013, so you can start thinking right now, how to make your IT-products more modern.


Cloud technologies


Cloud technologies are getting a special place in the IT market. Their advantages are quite clear: clouds are easy, quick and convenient to use, which makes them one of the hottest trends in 2013.



One should mention, that this would involve not only the growing amount of cloud services, but also investigations and developments in data security, legislation and of course integration with other services. So it’s high time to think about implementation of cloud technologies in your software.


Professional apps


Quite interesting trend is connected with the development of mobile applications. The thing is that more and more professionals whose work is connected with service prefer to supply their clients with special apps to reduce costs and increase the positive effect.


This can be easily seen on the example of medical applications. Today App store has more than 13,000 medical apps, many of them have been certified by professional doctors and hospitals.


The majority of them give recommendations concerning use of some drugs or are used as reminders. Still there are some peculiar apps, like the one developed by Proteus Digital Health. Special sensor analyzes your stomach fluid and if the required medicine has not been taken, it sends a message to your mobile app. The tendency of using apps in providing better service is expected to continue its growth in 2013.


Voice assistance


The year of 2012 has shown successful development of voice technologies. This together with the high popularity of smartphones might lead to growing popularity of voice assistance. iOS6 with its Siri has shown pretty good example to other developers, so one can easily expect the race to be continued by Google. And we are definitely will see more voice programs and technologies in 2013.


 voice assistance


Big data


If to believe analytics, next year we are going to give even more attention to data processing and management. According to Gartner, in 2013 big data will take approximately $34 billion of the overall IT budget. Moreover by 2015 almost 4,5 million people in IT sphere will be working just to support these data sets.


All this means that big data is going to be the trend of not only upcoming 2013, but of at least the next couple of decades of the twenty first century. We are on the brink of creation of the new layer in IT sphere and this layer increases its impact with every year dramatically. Only today almost 50% of social networks and content analysis is performed with the help of big data. We live in the times of information explosion and the use of big data tends to be one of the best variants to survive in it. Such choice is quite understandable, moreover now big data classic three V’s, which are Volume, Variety and Velocity, such essential features as Variability and Complexity have been added, which opens the doors to new solutions and decisions in the sphere of data processing.


It is always good to keep up with the time, so we advice you to take into consideration these trends and think about how you can implement them in your current and future projects. 

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Biggest mistakes in software development
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Biggest mistakes in software development
Want to make the most of software development outsourcing, but without the problems?
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