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How to improve usability interface in 15 minutes

Sep 16, 2013 by | Post a Comment

Usability is something a lot of people are talking about, but not many people are working on. Nevertheless it is an important point every owner of a web-site should think about, because it not only influences user experience, but also has a direct impact on your image.


In this article you will find a few tips, which will help you to make the interface of your web-site more user-friendly without spending a lot of time on it. Just follow our hints and you will notice how much more convenient and attractive your website has become.

 usability interface


Placement of the contents


According to multiple research and Dr. Jakob Nielsen in particular the position on the page, where you place the content has a direct influence on how much attention will be paid to it. This is called eye-tracking theory and it is quite reasonable to use it.


It is not surprising that the top of the page gets most of attention and the more user has to scroll down the page the less is the probability that he would read it.


Another section, which is given a lot of attention to is right top corner of the page. Not for nothing Google chooses this place for paid advertisements.


This way one can say that eye-tracking has a triangle-shaped pattern, which can be showed by the following scheme:





The red color shows most popular position on the page, whereas white one least popular. The practical use of this theory is that one should place most important information, buttons, search on the web-site or login form in the red area, whereas some old news or surveys etc. are better left for blue and white zones.




Despite the tiny size buttons are of huge importance for interface usability. No matter whether it is a blog or an online shop, one can be absolutely sure that a user will need those buttons.


The first hint concerns the design of the buttons. It is a good idea not only to write on the button its function, but also equip it with a dingbat. The majority of the dingbats that might you need have named html entities, for those, which don’t, one can use Unicode index. Just compare these two variants:





It not merely makes your site accessible for those who don’t speak the language it is written in, but also makes it easier to find the right button. Of course you can always create an icon, but this way one can save plenty of time or you can just use it when the work on the web-site is still in progress.


Another thing about buttons is connected with letting the user know if he actually pressed something. It is especially effective if you use some special icons, so that a user is not always sure whether the thing he clicks on is actually clickable.


Use this code:

.mybutton:active {

   position: relative;

   top: 1px;

   left: 1px;



As you see it shifts the button one pixel to the left and one pixel to the top. This is an easy, quick and effective way, which would make using your web-site even more convenient.


Number of clicks


During the last 5 years among the designers of user interfaces the theory of 3 clicks was quite popular. The essence of this theory is that a user should spend not more than three clicks to find the information he needs.


According to the latest research conducted by Joshua Porter modern users don’t give up after 3 clicks. The average number of clicks after which they surrender is 12, which means that now you can afford more complex structure of the website without losing users. Just be sure that the number of the required clicks wouldn’t exceed 12 clicks.


As you see all those tips are quite easy to use. They don’t require from you a lot of extra time or special skills, but the effect would be great as the visitors of your web-site would spend more time on studying the information instead of looking for the right button.


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Biggest mistakes in software development
Want to make the most of software development outsourcing, but without the problems?
Biggest mistakes in software development
Want to make the most of software development outsourcing, but without the problems?
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