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Software solutions we have delivered. We work hard and we are dedicated to producing the best possible outcome for our clients, as you can see from our case studies.

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licence plate

Plate Recognition

Computer Vision

pedestrian traffic ai forecast

Pedestrians Forecast

Machine Learning Forecasting

fruits image recognition agriculture

Fruits Recognition

Computer Vision

licence plate

Foot Size Measurement

Computer Vision Mobile App

car traffic density forecast ai

Traffic Prediction

AI Solution

car parking app

Car Park App

Mobile App

bimlib2 blue

BimLib 2.0 Core

Computer Vision Mobile App

seld driving tractor

Self Driving Tractor

Self-Driving Models

52lunch app

52Lunch App

Social Media Mobile App



Crypto Transaction App

shoes app


Mobile Shoes Store

face recognition red

Face Recognition

Image Recognition App


My Weather Book

Colouring Book App For Kids

churn prediction

Churn Prediction

Machine Learning Model

innerworkings case


e-Learning For Developers

nuvonet portal


Mobile Traveler App

forecast of demand

Forecast of Sales

Machine Learning Model

meditate 101

Meditate 101

Mobile iWatch app

java team

Java Team

Developers Staffing



Company Database App

protank defects

Defects Detection

Road Defects Images App

camshooter warehouse


Samsung Camera App

fuge app


Distribution of Ads

car traffic density forecast ai

Traffic Prediction

AI Solution

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