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ATUMchain Mobile Applications

We have developed iOS and Android mobile clients for the ATUMchain platform, a blockchain transaction system.

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Results Achieved

  • ATUMchain trading platform got mobile native client applications for iOS and Android platforms
  • We have created applications with light and dark UI themes and multilingual support
  • We have also created a rebranded version for Cross-chain


  • Native iOS and Android applications
  • Blockchain


In recent years, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have been attracting a lot of attention. Their potential applications are numerous and still largely unexplored.

We too have been involved in this fascinating world during the development of ATUMchain mobile clients on Android and iOS.

The next step will be to build a time machine, go back to some years ago and buy a lot of bitcoins.

… and then come back to nowadays ofc.


The client’s requests

The client required to develop mobile clients for iOS and Android platforms for the ATUMchain platform. We had to use Web and WebSocket APIs provided by the back end.


Our performance

We delivered the mobile client applications for the ATUMchain trading platform within 4 months.

They were developed by a team of 5 people (iOS developer, Android developer, PM and analyst, QA engineer, graphical designer).

We paid particular attention to design so that the interface was simple, clean, and user-friendly.


What is ATUMchain?

ATUMchain is a decentralized platform that operates through distributed independent nodes and allows cross-chain transactions among various blockchains: Ethereum, NEM, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Omniprotocol (Tether).

In ATUMchain transactions are committed directly across addresses of different blockchains without using any coins, tokens, and centralized counterparties.

The P2P transaction can be checked in the appropriate blockchain explorer.


Technical features

The applications we developed have 4 sections:

  • Prices: the panel that shows the current trading positions
  • Trade: the section for trading
  • Portfolio: the place where users can raise their balance and withdraw
  • Settings: the general settings for application and account
Trading sections offered to follow opened positions, buy and sell currencies:
trade - buy sell screen

Section “Prices” allowed to follow the current state of the market:

prices screen

One of the features was the ability to choose between light and dark theme:

order confirmation screen
PureFiat system was integrated into mobile clients:
finance screen


The client has received mobile client applications for their trading platform within 4 months developed by a team of 5 people (iOS developer, Android developer, PM and analyst, QA engineer, graphical designer).

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