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Nordika Travel Itinerary App

We have developed an iOS and Android mobile app for Nordika Travel.

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Results Achieved:


  • iOS and Android mobile applications have been developed
  • Mobile applications provide all information about Nordika Travel’s tours

Client  / Nordika
Technology  /  Xamarin.Forms iOS and Android applications


What the client required

Nordika Travel is a US-based tour operator specializing in travel and vacation arrangements to Iceland. Nordika Travel has a wide selection of vacation packages, made in partnership with local Icelandic hotels, car rental companies and tour operators.

The client is using Zoho CRM and ZOHO Creator systems, information about all tours is stored there. APRO was using Zoho API to communicate to the backend.


What we delivered

We have implemented an application using Xamarin.Forms. As a result, the client got 2 applications for 2 platforms but with one code-base:

the golden circle
highlights overview
golden circle classic tour


The client has received mobile client applications within 1.5 months developed by a team of 4 people (Xamarin developer, PM, QA engineer, graphical designer).

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