Face detection and recognition App

Face detection and recognition directly in mobile phones without the need to establish a connection to the server or to use of the internet.


  • probability of right detection: up to 0.99 (99.99%)
  • probability of right classification: up to 0.96 (96%)

We have developed the face detection and recognition mobile app that has no need to establish a connection to the server or to use of the internet connection.

Our solution has its own image normalization algorithm that provides better quality in case of not straight face orientation.

A face recognition model is stored, trained and updated directly in a smartphone. All the set of operations proceeds autonomously and independently from external services.

This R&D project includes not just coding but a big amount of experient with real people in the real and controlled environment.


  • autonomous mobile face detection and recognition
  • our own algorithm of a face geometrical normalization


Key technologies

C++, JavaScript, Python, OpenCV, Face Lib, Android


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