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Fuge – Projects and Tasks Management Solution

Our team developed a solution for projects and tasks management for our Norwegian client. The solution includes a web backend part and an iOS mobile application.

Very good cooperation… most of the time all problem fixing was handled without involving me. In cases, they were unsure, they explained the problems and what caused them, but also provided well-thought solutions to fix the problems.

Marius Andersen

CEO, Duplex

Results Achieved

  • Easy web application for managing projects, tasks, customers, articles
  • Mobile application for employees for tasks tracking and reporting
  • Tasks status reporting system
  • REST web service for connecting mobile applications with the server
Client / Entry, Norway
Technology (web) / .NET, C#, MVC, DevExpress
Technology (mobile) / .NET, C#, Xamarin.iOS


The client is a company within the building and construction branch.

They have 12-15 employees working at different building places in Oslo.

The main challenge client faces is an increasing demand and regulations for quality control, from the contractors and the government.

Simultaneously with this, the client has an inefficient way to allocate tasks to employees and keep track of status, progress etc.

What they lack is a system that can unify these challenges.

What the client required

The client needed a way to systemize and distribute tasks to the employees who are out in the field.

Before they used SMS, paper and blueprint forms.

What they needed is a way of creating a project with customer information and project description.

Within a project there could be several tasks hooked on to it.  Each task can have several activities.

The client also needed to store different legally mandatory forms and other documents related to each project and activity.


What we delivered

Web backend provides an easy interface to:

  • Manage customers and articles
  • Manage projects
  • Create and assign tasks to employees
  • Generate PDF reports with projects and tasks state overview

    The mobile application allows employees to:
    • See the list of assigned tasks

    fuge signup
    • Sort and filter tasks by urgency
    • See details of a task, review the project’s documentation
    • Attach activity records (working reports), define what materials were used, attach photos
    • Send special reports to back office




    We passed through all phases of the application development, and the customer received the complete solution, available on the app store.

    The next step for this solution is to create an Android version of the application (and it won’t be complicated since Xamarin has been used for the development.

    Xamarin allows to create cross-platform native applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 10).

    Another step will be to add more features to mobile and web applications.