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Mobile App – Car Park

Mobile hybrid (Android & iOS) application for cars parking for a smart city.

car parking app

Aim of the Project

● Simple, smart & powerful parking app for citizens
● Reliable app for parking agents


Results Achieved

iOS and Android app
● Integration with a smart-city environment and 3rd-party APIs


Main Technologies

● For Mobile: Xamarin Hybrid Framework (Android and iOS)
● For UI/UX: Figma (for UI/UX and interactive prototyping)


The Car Park app has 2 applications inside

Citizen app. It helps users with each step in the parking process: to estimate free spaces, to find an exact place in indoor or on-street parking, to build a route to it, to pay and control parking time, to prolong, and to get detailed info about parking (existence an electric cars charger, shower, WiFi and so on)

Agent app. This app helps agents to control parking time and free spaces


The UI/UX design was developed by APRO:

car parking app


What Apps Can Do


Citizen App:

● Suggest an optimal parking place taking into account:
○ The parking capacity and available places
○ Parking features (on-street / indoor, electrical charger, WiFi, etc)
○ Pricing and opening hours and so on
● Build an optimal path from your position to a parking place with on-route assistance
● Unified and secure payments management in a user account
● Smart time trackers and notifications to prevent fines
● App has integration with a smart-city ERP


Agent App:

● It helps to control parking time and capacity using convenient UI and license plate recognition technologies
● The app builds an optimal path between parking places taking into account their mobility (walk, by bicycle, by car)


Main Sources of Benefits

● The main advantage for Citizens is they can manage and control all their parking activity in one place and track all the aspects of it
● The main advantage for Agents is they have a reliable tool for parking control and they can check the situation from the Citizens’ point of view via the same app
● In other words: the one app – two roles – two platforms