Staffing for Aarixa

We outsourced Java developers for a project in the European Commission.


Results Achieved:

  • High-quality software developed thanks to our professional staff
  • Reduced costs due to our inexpensive professionals
  • Provision of complete administrative and legal paperwork for our staff

AariXa  / Client
Java  / Technology


The solution

Aarixa is a custom software development and IT staffing company located in Belgium.

Aarixa asked us to cooperate with them in staffing Java developers for the European Commission.

APRO provided Aarixa with several profiles of Java developers from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. We pre-selected people based on TopGrading methodology, and from the CVs that we sent them, Aarixa chose several profiles.

We arranged visas and work permits for the selected people, who then commenced work for the European Commission in Brussels.

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