The App Tree – My Weather Book App

We have created writing practice and colouring book app for kids. Children can enjoy the colouring while they learn spelling. 


Thanks, really really great job. I’d like to thank you and your guys for the great work you have done on this, I am really pleased with the results …

Mary Cronin

MD, My Weather Book

Results Achieved

  • Children can learn to write, spell and read
  • Kids are creative while learning cause it was designed by Montessori professionals
  • Amazing coloring book of weather themes 

app tree weather book

What were the client’s needs?

The client approach us with idea of application which would teach kids the spelling, reading and writing plus it would be colouring book as well.

What did we offer to our client?

Based on the graphical materials that we have received from client we have developed the demanded application.


After login you can create your own colouring-writing book by choosing  eight pages from a library of 25 illustrations.

By swiping you can see all your illustrations and the bottom row shows you all the pictures you have selected to make up your book.


app tree

When you’re finished choosing your illustrations, just click the “make my book” button and you get to see your colouring book 

After saving the book your child is ready to start colouring and writing. 

Select the page you want to colour and write about.

Tap the palette to use your finger like a paint brush, or else the bucket for the simple paint fill. 

By tapping a letter in colouring picture you show your child how the letters should be formed, and then they simply trace over the letters example.

Or there are no lines because your child is already on their way to becoming a writing expert – writing the letters themselves. 


Whatever word your child has written appears in their book – exactly as they wrote it themselves.

There is also supervisor block and possibility to select the type of letter tracing you want for your child.

Do you want to have the same experience?