52Lunch Mobile App

We have developed iOS mobile application for a new restaurant booking service.

We used Apro guys in several of our investment projects and we are satisfied with them and we will use them again in others.

Daniel Zatologin

Founder, 52Lunch

Results Achieved

  • 2 in 1 iOS mobile applications are developed – for a restaurant and for a restaurant visitor
  • Backend server is developed by APRO
  • Internal chat functionality was implemented
  • Android versions are planned for the development
  • Solution is on closed live testing phase

Client  /  52Lunch
Technology  /  Native iOS application, Python on backend


52lunch is a new restaurant booking service. Discounts and communication are 2 main purposes to use this service.

During lunch time you can communicate to your friends or colleagues face to face, and together you will get a discount in selected restaurant.

Application allows to register as a restaurant or as a restaurant visitor. Restaurant can define time slots, number of people at table and discount they are ready to offer.

Visitor can choose a timeslot, invite friends and they will get this discount.

As a restaurant you can put a detailed description about cuisine, photos of the restaurant, define available timeslots, discounts and manage them, chat with a visitor.

As a visitor you can search restaurants around, book any timeslot and invite friends, get discount while visiting restaurant, ask restaurant in internal chat or communicate to people you invited.

What the client required

The client required to develop mobile application for iOS platform (Android is planned for Phase 2).

Also APRO has to develop backend server for the whole solution. We used micro-services architecture with Python. 

      What we delivered

      Application for restaurants has 4 sections:


      • Profile – fill restaurant’s details
      • Add Slot – create a timeslot
      • Visitors – list all visitors
      • Chats – communication to visitors 

        Application for visitors has 5 sections:


        • Profile – set photo and preferences
        • Favorites – list selected restaurants
        • Explore – search restaurants around
        • My Slots – list all my bookings
        • Friends – list and invite friends


        Client has received mobile application and backend part within 5 months developed by a team of 5 people (iOS developer, Python developer, PM and analyst, QA engineer, graphical designer).


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