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We created a web-based CMS solution for a catalog of finance companies.

Key requirements were easy management and all the essential features of a modern CMS system, such as activities calendar, native full-text search, web TV section, email client integration or social sites integration.

To address these needs, we implemented the open-source system Drupal.

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Results Achieved


  • A system implemented with minimal programming effort
  • An extendable modular system implemented with wide community support
  • Efficient email campaigns with the ability to compile emails directly from the website section
  • Native full-text search, web TV section, email client integration or social sites integration
  • Reduced costs for further application changes

Code24, a Swedish web agency asked APRO to develop a website based on Drupal CMS for a Swedish financial company

Technology   /     Drupal CMS, PHP 

What the client required


Our customer was looking for a solution for a catalog of finance companies, which could be easily managed by an administrator. The catalog was to be implemented as a website, providing the following parts and features:

  • List of finance companies where each company will have a description, list of attached documents, video, useful links and so on
  • News section
  • Activities calendar and glossary sections
  • Native search mechanism through all content on the site
  • Web TV sections where all videos on the site are accommodated, grouped by categories
  • Support for simple banner management
  • Social sites integration
  • Integration with Mailchimp, a popular email marketing and email list manager

What we implemented

APRO offered Drupal CMS as a solution for this project, since it is an open-source content management system used by thousands of websites with reliable support. Through the use of appropriate modules, we were able to create a website with minimal programming effort.

Integration of the Drupal administration function with the Mailchimp system was an interesting requirement that was addressed using the Mailchimp API.  The administrator is now able to compile a new mailing campaign directly from the section on the website.


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