Artificial Intelligence Development in Healthcare

Our Machine Learning Experts Will Help You to Develop Your AI Solution in Healthcare Domain 


Are you developing your own AI solution in healthcare domain?

Do you need extra developers who are experienced in AI development?

We have the experts who will help you with your development.


Computer Vision

Our experts can design and implement outstanding solutions for Image Processing and Computer Vision: from visual data normalization and objects detection to identification and tracking. We use Computer Vision algorithms for hallmarks recognition, segmentation and classification for biopsy results and other medical images.

Machine Learning

We deliver complex solutions in the field of Machine- and Deep Learning for Healthcare. Our solutions are used for data analysis and patterns recognition, optimal data selection, prediction and assessment of degrees of some diseases. At the heart of our software are the newest algorithms and even elements of Artificial Intelligence.

Data Visualization

APRO offers data visualization and visual data analysis services. Our services help to present results of medical research and analysis. We developed solutions for smart and simple interactive 2D and 3D data representation which help scientists and doctors to evaluate research results and to make an accurate diagnosis.

I would like to thank you for your contribution to the development of BIMLIB platform for the comprehensive predictive assessment based on neural network technologies. BIMLIB is pleased to be partner of Apro and loks forward to futher fruitful cooperation.

Anton Reshetnikov


Very good cooperation… most of the time all problem fixing was handled without involving me. In cases, they were unsure, they explained the problems and what caused it, but also provided well thought solutions to fix the problems. Marius Andersen

CEO, Duplex


We believe that machine learning can take a company to the next level. These case studies represent some of the solutions.

sales prediction
property claims estimates
energy plants maintanance



We stand for Agile methodology when it comes to our machine learning services, but we’re ready to work how our clients see fit.

We’re flexible enough to be able to adapt our approach to the requirements of the environment. For ventures with a high degree of uncertainty, or for the development of a new product, our recommendation is Agile.

But we’re aware that some projects fit right into the classic Waterfall approach and are ready to work with that model if it’s a better fit.



Our AI consulting services begin with a discovery phase in which we try to understand your objectives with the project.

We will conduct an interview where we expect to obtain the documentation of the project’s requirements. In this documentation there will be the specifications of the project, the desired features and their respective description.

We expect you to provide us with this documentation, but our team can also produce it (as long as you approve its content).




During this phase we plan the method of execution according to the information you’ve provided. We analyze the documentation and your planned objectives and act accordingly to figure out the best machine learning implementation to deploy.

We plan ahead the testing rounds, as well as document the hardware requirements. We also provide you an accurate time schedule.


At APRO we use Agile methodology to work on our machine learning services. This means that we divide the project into sprints — in our case, we divide it into two-week sprints. At the end of each sprint we will communicate with you, so we can show you what has been developed so far.

We also give you the opportunity to be a part of our team’s daily meetings. We want you to be able to monitor what’s happening in real time.




After the project’s finished, you can still count with our support. Any changes that you wish to see implemented will be taken care of by our team. If you make any changes to the system’s environment, we will handle that as well.

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