Interview with Nick KoopMans  – PixelVision

The video interview with Nick Koopmans, the CEO of the computer vision AI company PixelVision. 

PixelVision enhance the camera devices with AI tools.

We want to share the experience of various people around running startups, especially in IT.


Who is Nick Koopmans?

  • CEO and founder of Pixel Vision
  • Likes to walk and has nice ways to focus in our distruptive world
  • Does not believe in Singularity 

Transcript of the interview


I`m sitting here with Nick Koopmans from PixelVision company that is doing AI projects. We are having an interview with him today. So, Nick, could you introduce yourself a little bit?

Tell us, how you got to the AI.

My name is Nick Koopmans. I’m a managing partner at PixelVision. I started PixelVision in 2015. We wanted to focus on bringing more intelligence from hardware.

And what we noticed was that we had a lot of customers who were working with cameras and who were looking for an added value on their cameras.

So that to make their cameras intelligent. And therefore, we started working with computer vision and later on, deep learning.


So, computer vision and deep learning. Is that your thing?

Exactly. That`s our thing. So we really focus on a niche where we work on projects that are based on making sense out of images or video.

Do have any vision like where you see PixelVision in five years.

Yes. We are working really hard on growing our company, which we have also been doing over the last five years, of course.

What we really want to achieve with PixelVision in the coming years is to provide solutions for companies that are in various sectors. So at the moment we are in three sectors and we really want to expand that.

And of course, we also want to expand our team where curently we have five people. And we want to expand it to fifteen-sixteen over the next two or three years.


And you have that little secret that you work on some product and you wanna sell it, right? But you will not say it, will you?

I will, I will (laughing). We’ve been working in various sectors, like you said, retail and security. But we also work on industrial cases. And I have a really fun project that we’ve been working on during the last year, which comprises chicken recognition technology, where we actually detect and recognize specific chickens in groups.

And we do this for pharmaceutical industries because they want to check how their medication is working on animals and if everything is all right.

So we help them automate all of this by detecting when a chicken is going to eat, when it drinks, when it sleeps. And by gathering all that data, we know how they are performing in their group and to all the other individuals.

So we can give a good estimation if the medication that they have been administered, works or not.


I can imagine it must be very, very hard to actually recognize the particular chicke