SOCIETE COMPANY LIST APP is a French website which provides information about companies in the country, already had a web version for mobile devices and wanted to introduce native applications for iPhone and iPad devices.

Company search window in Societe iPhone mobile app      societe app menu


What the client required

The client already had a version of their website for mobile devices, and wanted to introduce native applications for iPhone and iPad devices.

The new applications should provide most of the functionality offered by the main website and its mobile version:


  • Searching companies in th database by name, company code or director’s name
  • Viewing the detailed information about a company

There was also a specific feature which the client wanted to implement specifically for iPhone and iPad devices – maintaining the list of favorites.

The applications required only French language support, as for their web versions.

What we implemented

We have implemented iPhone and iPad applications supporting all current iOS versions and devices including iPod Touch.

As the client specified, the iPhone version supports only portrait orientation, but the iPad application supports both portrait and landscap

Societe French company information system within an iphone app

The applications were developed using the client’s existing web services for fetching data and performing searching operations.

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