Machine Learning Model

Predictive Model For Sales

Creation of sales/demand forecasting model  based on machine learning and big data. We have used all possible variables as weather, economic situation, demographics, promotions, competition, price sensitivity) to create a model that forecasts the demand for products  with much better results.

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We make sales forecasting model for distribution and auto spare part companies.

The difference between classic ERP extrapolation prediction and machine learning forecast

  • Classic ERP systems use for forecast extrapolation of past numbers
  • This becomes an issue when some variables as the weather are significantly changed
  • Profio engine adds the variables in the forecasting
  • This makes it more accurate (even by 40%)

How it works

  • We run the data and variables through statistical modeling each day.
  • We then choose the best model for each item.
  • The system learns by itself from the past. It improves each day.

This has these implications for the company

  • Increase of Service Level up to 99%
  • Elimination of the stock-outs
  • Inventory decreased by 25%
  • They increase sales by increasing the availability of goods on shelves for clients


Other possible clients

  • The ideal client is a company with more than 700-1000 items in the warehouse.
  • Spare part distribution
  • Retail stores chains (food, drugstores, pharmacies)
  • Pharmacy distribution
  • Food production
  • Generally distribution companies


McKinsey predicts machine learning will reduce supply chain forecasting errors by 50% and reduce lost sales by 65% with better product availability.

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